New Photography Documentaries

This week has been fruitful in that two new documentaries have been released.

The first, Everybody Street by Cheryl Dunn is a full length film all about street photography in NYC by big names such as Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Gilden, and Elliot Erwitt and much more. This film has been long awaited (I know I've been waiting patiently) and now it's finally out, and at 13 bucks to watch and download the film, it's well worth it. Or you can rent it for two days for 5 bucks if you prefer.

Second, made by Indie Film Lab in joint collaboration with Kodak, Long Live Film is a 40 minute documentary on youtube about the photographers who are passionate about film photography and who keep film alive. The 2 dozen or so photographers they interview explore the reasons they shoot film and what film means to them. A very easy and enjoyable watch, after all it is free!